Saturday, April 13, 2013

Sithu Aye - Discography (2011-2012)

Album: Cassini
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Fusion
Year: 2011

1: Pillars of Creation
2: Orion
3: Cassini
4: Messier Object
5: Double Helix
6: Dirac Sea
7: Multiverse Part I: Origin
8: Multiverse Part II: Divergence
9: Multiverse Part III: Alternate Realities

First Album of the great Sithu Aye. Nothing more to say, one of my absolute favorite artists at the moment.

Album: Isles EP   
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Fusion
Year: 2012


1. Isles
2. Skye
3. Islay
4. Cuillin (Interlude)
5. Mull
6. Jura

This EP is in my opinion his best ouput. "Skye" is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard.

Album: Invent The Universe
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Fusion
Year: 2012

1: Invent the Universe
2: Grand Unification (feat. David Maxim Micic)
3: Expansion
4: Baryogenesis
5: Particles Collide (feat. Plini)
6: Nucleosynthesis (Interlude)
7: Recombination
8: Dark Ages
9: Formation
10: Pale Blue Dot

One word: Outstanding.

Listen to this whole discography and try to catch the magic. Enjoy.


  1. Hey inter, you might like chimp spanner as well, similar stuff, also epic!

  2. Hey teeth, I saw Paul with Chimp Spanner live 3 times and I´m into this stuff for 3-4 years, but thanks for the advice ;)


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