Monday, April 29, 2013

Memories In Broken Glass – Recode (2013)

Memories In Broken Glass
Album:  Recode
Genre:  Progressive/Atmospheric Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Titan
2. Paradigm
3. Recode
4. Terra
5. Meridian
6. Neoearth

Support:  Bandcamp ($5)
Preview:  “Terra” / “Titan”

What do you think would happen if you mixed the beefy tone of Megalodon, Bermuda, and Glass Realms with the hard-hitting grooviness of Delta and some of the atmosphere of Make Them Suffer?  Because I’m pretty sure it’d wind up with something similar to MIBC.  Lots of well-composed but subtle atmosphere that a lot of bands tend to gloss over that somehow manages to span the gap between spacey and Make Them Suffer-ish – there’s those feather-light keyboard touches I love so much!  Plus, there’s the ever-present beefy tone and lots of grooves and heaviness to go around.  The band requested I not post the album, so I did a short “review” instead – don’t miss this album guys, no matter whether you just stream it on Bandcamp OR buy it!

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