Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Shades of Black - Discography (2010-2012)

Shades of Black
Genre:  Groove/Progressive/Djent/Instrumental
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“10 Fall” (2010)
(11 tracks, ~0:49) 
Preview:  “Leviathan”

 “Kaos (+ Bonus Tracks)” (2011)
(17 tracks, ~1:18) 
Preview:  “Kaos” / “Billy”

 “Road Trip” (2011)
 (3 tracks, ~ 0:19)
Preview:  “Djentle X”

 "New Songs (Pre-production)" (2012)
(5 tracks, ~0:29)
Preview:  "New Song #2"

GROOOOOOOOVE!  This solo project is from Groovemaster Matt Zuleger, and DuckCore just doesn't feel right without this up here.  Shades of Black is definitely one of my favorite instrumental bands to listen to because while it’s not the most technical stuff, he often shows he can shred but usually it’s just laid back and chill as hell to listen and groove to.   The tone is definitely heavy djenty, but there’s some Egyptian and world influence that make SoB stand out from your typical solo djenstrumental project.  If you’re going to download anything from this discog, I STRONGLY suggest checking out “Kaos” and those preview songs <3  Go like them on Facebook!


  1. Dude thank you I 100% FUCKING LOVE ALL THESE

  2. reup pleaaaase :( really wanna have those :/


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