Monday, July 23, 2012

Ocellus – Departure (2012)

Album:  Departure
Genre:  Melodic Death Metal/Progressive Metalcore/Deathcore??

Track Listing:
1. Epiphany
2. A Life Once Lost
3. Sleepless
4. Bittersweet Misery
5. Endeavors
6. Death Of A Tyrant
7. Wolf in Sheeps Clothing
8. My Protector
9. Undying Allegiance
10. The Great Escape

Download (192kbps)

Holy damn this is legittttttt.  These guys are DEFINITELY getting my money when this album drops.  Relentless rhythm, groove, and technicality all the way through the album…Just wow.  Sort of a bouncy melodic death metal feel to it.  Even the 192kbps label is deceiving, this copy sounds really great.

Edit:  Removed the download link for the album, since Ocellus is trying to get signed to Century Media.  Hopefully the guys got a ton of new fans while it was up...and you guys can hopefully purchase it soon.  I know I will be <3


  1. This is freakin sickkkkk dude

    Buying this when it comes out.

  2. how are there not more bands like this? damnn

  3. Welp, their you have it, Josh stealing from another band and ruining their chances of getting signed.

    1. It's spelled there, dumbass.

      I would also like to point out that it isn't Josh, but rather the people who download AND don't support that are the problem. Plenty of people on this site buy music too (myself included). But go ahead and keep stealing Drew's account And trolling all my posts to make yourself feel better about living in your moms basement at 35 years old.

    2. I live in canada bro, get with the times.

  4. how did you get the cd? i'm friends with the band here in WI. They seem pretty pissed off that you got it.

    1. I didn't steal it if that's what you're thinking. It was getmetal that posted it and showed me the band, so however they got it.

      I took it down the second I was asked, like I've done for all posts I've been asked to remove.

    2. I got it from getmetal so however they stole it.

      I also took this post down the second I was asked to, like I've always done. If a band is pissed that their music is up here, just leave a comment and I'll take it down...They don't have to just be pissed and not say anything.

    3. they have been trying to track down the original person who posted it

    4. It was thriller45 who posted it on getmetal. He's from Russia, so wherever he got it from is beyond me. Maybe it was on itleaked or something.

      I'm really sorry if this hurt their chances of getting signed, but to be honest this site doesn't have that big an audience. It's grtmetal you need to worry about :/

  5. Hey guys, we found out what happened and it is being resolved. We know you guys didn't steal it and in the long run, we are very grateful for DuckCore and we will support this site. We really hope it doesn't hurt our chances of getting the deal we're working on. To the people that did get a copy, we sincerely hope you enjoy it.

    We put everything we had into it. We ask that you please help support the band by sharing our links, re-posting the video and please buy the album when it drops.

    1. Fuck yeah man. I can't wait to buy this album from you guys, I haven't listened to it since the first two times through because I really wanna hear the full cd quality. Hell of an album <3

  6. OCELLUS supports DUCKCORE!!!


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