Saturday, April 28, 2012

Plagues Of The Armada - Plagues Of The Armada

Plagues Of The Armada
Plagues Of The Armada
 Progressive Technical Deathcore Awesome

1. The Ecclesiastical Fallacy 
2. Dissimulative Ocular
3. Vectors : A Kaleidoscopic Descent

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Preview: "The Ecclesiastical Fallacy" (Bandcamp)

Balls amazing, get the likes up and support by buying a song because this is just so intense. When i found these guys a month ago it totally hit me by surprise right in my left dorsal fin. Anyways, josh, when you see this take me off of the uploader list. There's too much shit going on for me to be able to properly post stuff.


  1. That is fucking sweet where's the bleedin download!

  2. you can download the EP for free on their facebook page :)

  3. to download for free you just click buy now and input zero for your price then it'll take you to the dl screen


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