Friday, April 27, 2012

Deadborn - Mayhem Maniac Machine (2012)

Album:  Mayhem Maniac Machine
Genre:  Technical Death Metal/Groove

Track Listing:
1. Premises of Cryonics
2. Profanatic Reanimation
3. Bionic Abomination
4. Insane Motor Cortex
5. Replicants Device
6. Slaves of Megatron
7. Reinvented Power Process
8. Second Order Cybernetics

What if Cannibal Corpse and Dyscarnate had a baby, and that baby could groove like a boss?  He'd grow up to be something like Deadborn.  Really old-school sounding riffs laid throughout a sort of Dyscarnate-esque take on technical death metal.  Enjoy guys, I sure do :)

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