Thursday, April 12, 2012

In-Quest - Made Out Of Negative Matter (2009)

Artist: In-Quest
Album: Made Out Of Negative Matter
Genre: Progressive Death Metal/Math Metal
Location: Belgium 

Track List:

1. Ignition Sequence
2. Mind Over Matter
3. Asynchronous Transmission
4. Walk Of A Million Mouths
5. Thy Subsonic Collapse
6. The Auxiliary Theory
7. Dysfunctional Inscapes
8. Compelled Misogyny
9. Anomaly Of A Tortured Mind
10. Hybris...
11. Evasive Crosscurrents

These guys have a good thing going on right here. I recently found this album and I wish I found it awhile ago. Very precise guitar work in this album, seems to have a hint of Meshuggah-ish to them but not djent at all. More of the weird and awesome groovy time signature and tempo changes. Im really liking this album more and more everytime I listen to it. Give em a spin!

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