Thursday, April 12, 2012

Alighieri - Update (2012)

Artist: Alighieri
Genre: Death Metal
These guys are dope as hell. Their album Moths (which you should just buy) is fucking awesome. They are working on new shit so throw them a like and buy there last album.

Check out the bands new update...

Give them some love so we can get them to make more amazing shit


  1. No thanks I haven't bought music in about 8 years and intend to keep it that way.

    1. anon is a piece of shit.

    2. Wish they could ban IP addresses from this site....

      People like you are what will eventually wind up killing the scene. What's more worth your money, the stupid shit YOU buy or supporting the bands you and everybody else love?

    3. ahaha man, well i dont really care that you havent bought an ablum since you were 6 years old but once you get old enough to get a job, you should buy some music, just sayin...

  2. its the bands like this that need us to buy the cds so that they can survive long enough to get big


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