Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Alchera - Era (2011)

Artist: Alchera
Album: Era
Genre: Melodic Death Metal/Black Metal

Track List:

1. Lokasenna
2. In Darkness
3. Beginning of Days
4. Misanthropy
5. Dead End
6. Elysiums Asche
7. Vlokuslak
8. Ghul
9. Ulfhednar
10. Melkor
11. Rune
12. Fraass
13. Bauchfleisch

Sorry couldnt find a good preview so you should just download it ahah

So my guitarist and I both dig this album a lot. If the Black Metal tags turns you away, dont let it with this release. The only reason I label it with that is because his mid pitch vocals derive from black metal, same with the drums. The guitar tone is very progressive metal sounding and actually a little groovy. Solid ass album, give it a spin!


  1. "so my guitarist and i both dig this album a lot" I seem to think you just had to say that to try and seem cool.

  2. yeah man did i? i really hope all you anons will think im cool.

  3. this is good stuff man


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