Thursday, April 18, 2013

Shame Of Kali – 8 Sins (2012)

Shame Of Kali
Album:  8 Sins
Genre:  Technical/Symphonic Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Mother
2. My Nymphony
3. Karma
4. Barely Even Human
5. Upon The Dead
6. The Forgotten Sin
7. Silenced Like Flies
8. Veil Of Green
9. Let The Feast Begin
10. I The Absolute
11. This Precious Fear
12. Closing The Third Eye

Shockingly heavy technical deathcore with well-written symphonic elements sprinkled on!  Also incorporates a deep, beefy death metal tone (a la Micawber), coupled with the shredding deathcore styling of Thy Devourer.  Hot damn!

PS:  I think the file is a transcode, because it isn’t available to purchase in the States.  Bleh.  I wanna buy it :\

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