Friday, April 26, 2013

Composer, Meet Corpse – Prozium (2013)

Composer, Meet Corpse
Album:  Prozium
Genre:  Technical Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Prozium
2. Poison The Well (Moshington Deceased)
3. Realization Of Self (Chokelahoma City)
4. Sense Offense (Brawltimore)
5. The Underground Rises (Diami)
6. A Cleric Unleashed (Albaturkey)
7. Reminiscent Of The Past
8. Libria Lost

Support:  Bandcamp ($8)

If you’re looking for an outstanding new technical deathcore band that actually knows how to write a riff or two, look no further.  Prozium is a hell of an album, and it’s based basically entirely one of my favorite movies, “Equilibrium” (starring Christian Bale), which is essentially a more realistic version of “The Matrix”.  Anyways, CMC knows how to write groovy riffs, all while playing music that just makes you want to go absolutely out of your mind with headbanging…fans of Sleep Serapis Sleep will LOVE this stuff.  Get stoked, and buy the album \m/

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