Wednesday, May 30, 2012

David Maxim Micic - Bilo 2.0 (2012)

David Maxim Micic
Album:  Bilo 2.0
Genre:  Progressive/Experimental Metal/Ambient/Instrumental

Track Listing:
1. Electric Fields
2. Rise And Shine (feat Jakub Zytecki)
3. Along For A Ride (feat Carl Carton)
4. Strange Night (feat Vladimir Lalic)
5. Mbinguni Amina (feat Vladimir Lalic)

Support:  Bandcamp

I haven’t posted too many instrumentals lately, other than Wanzwa.  This project, though, is at the other end of the instrumental spectrum…whereas Wanzwa is extremely trippy, this is about as cohesive as a technical instrumental project gets, and it’s definitely one of the more beautiful instrumentals out there.  If you love music that’ll straight-up carry you away, Bilo 2.0 is for you.  Just check out that bassline at the start of “Along for a Ride”!


  1. This is fucking brilliant. The last track, Mbinguni Amina, is haunting and I love it.

  2. David is Stunning , straight dope album period....

  3. Josh, irrelevant to this thread, please stop having your blog promote Djent! This music is meant to be creative and different, offering elements we don't normally find on our own. I see that since the beginning of music blogs, that has been the main focus. Now you can't deny that Djent has the same elements and sound like many in the "genre" ....Now this "David Maxim Micic (Bilo 2.0) - Along For a Ride" has a fucking saxophone solo! Music offering that kind of unique essence is the reason I follow music blogs. So for the sake of mankind, and face-eating kind alike, please focus on the variety. I have a mentality when listening to new music, or previewing it really, that is "this sounds generic" [NEXT]...Just a thought and not to be taken personally...because a generic band post these days is as annoying as spam to me and I'm not just speaking for myself. -Anon Leech / Follower

    1. I sort of see where you're coming from, but Ever Forthright has both a jazz saxophone solo AND jazz piano...and it is DEFINITELY djent. When I write djent in the genre, I usually have it mixed with other stuff, because while DMM doesn't fit into the djent mold, his music DOES have some elements of djent -- syncopation, odd time signatures, crazy tempo switches, etc. Hence the reason I didn't call it djent in the description OR when I wrote the genres in the post (just in the tags, because this would appeal to some who listen to djent-sounding music)...I called it a cohesive, laid-back instrumental.

      What I list as genre(s) in my posts aren't necessarily saying that it fits into one set category, but rather what the music has elements from. Besides, calling music djent doesn't mean it all sounds like Meshuggah...Stargazer is very djenty and it sounds almost NOTHING like Meshuggah. I'll try to do better w/ genre labelling though, I guess.

    2. Yes, I understand this isn't about labeling as that's usually the case in discussion. I just had a moment while I was listening to this preview that made me realize that there's still hope in creativity with music to where it can be in the same genre as all the rest but stand out because of what they have to offer. Perhaps my focus was more on getting those key distinctive bands worth listening to on this blog, and less of the ones that are average-sounding. Still awesome recent uploads, so I'm not arguing anything here :}}

  4. exactly, there's no point in classifying, it just limits the music before its even heard. just enjoy this majestically mystical music!

  5. thx for uploading, david maxim micic and wanzwa are my top 2 album/EP of this year, love them both and this is what i call music


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