Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Under Weight Of Paradise - The Rebirth + Singles (2011 - 2012)

Artist: Under Weight Of Paradise
Album: The Rebirth + Singles
Genre: Metalcore/Alternative
Location: Orel, Russia

Track Listing:
1. My Absolution
2. Tomorrow
3. The Rebirth
4. Outro
5. Remains Of A Wreck (Single)
6. Your Revolution (Single)
7. Separated (Single)

Preview: "Seperated" "The Rebirth"

O let the hate begin for Meowmix, but i guess if pop is ok on Duckcore, then nothing wrong with Metalcore with cleans. Anyways, im sure some of you will love this, and some will hate, but check it out anyways. Great music in my opinion, but you be the judge.

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  1. Since im done with being upset about duckcore and sharing my opinion, i must say even though i wasnt the biggest fan of josh, i must applaud him in keeping my name on this. True class and mad respect. Hope you guys keep it legit this time so people can still find good music.


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