Friday, September 14, 2012

My Hollow – Cold Dark Days (2012)

My Hollow
Album:  Cold Dark Days
Genre:  Progressive (Death) Metal/Math/Metalcore/Groove?

Track Listing:
1. Cold Dark Days
2. As Seams Seep Red
3. Kings With No Castles
4. Blood Seeds

Idk how to describe this...oodles and oodles of talent.  My Hollow sounds a lot like what would happen if Gojira added a little more groove and was a little more heavy into the stompy “core”-sounding riffs, and even some sludgy parts.  Love their production too, it's murky and real-sounding but still every instrument (ESPECIALLY the bass) sounds intricate, clear and crisp.  This is really quite good, so spread it around!

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  1. Holy shit this is awesome. Def hear the gojira


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