Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Soul Cycle - Soul Cycle II (2012)

Soul Cycle
Album: Soul Cycle
Genre: Instrumental Progressive Metal/Groove Metal/Djent

1. Instar / Soul: Reborn (feat. David Maxim Micic and Sacha Laskow)
2. Against the Iron (feat. George Richman and Roma Ivakov)
3. Reject Humanity (feat. Kevin Suter and Paul Wardingham)
4. Ethereal (feat. Alan Nagelberg and Mr. Fastfinger)
5. Transcendence (feat. Vishal J. Singh and Keshav Dhar)
6. Unphased (feat. JT Bruce and Martin Buus)
7. Cast Down (feat. Adam Nolly Getgood and Ben Robson)
8. One Fleeting Moment (feat. Breeze and Bryant Crawford)
9. Distant Skies (feat. Jordan Miles and Reece Fullwood)
10. Evolutia (feat. Jake Linder, Francesco Filigoi and Jakub Zytecki)
11. Break the Cycle (feat. Nate Vennarucci, Keith Merrow and Mathieu Marcotte)

Second record of this outstanding project. This basically two-man project includes a collective of the big names in modern progressive music. Check it out, killer riffs and awesome solos in there.


  1. Their first album was fucking awesome! I actually thoUght about posting it yesterday, don't think I had this one yet haha thanks man!

  2. This album is awesome, first one is really good too. Didn't realize it had so many guests, explains why every track is epic!

  3. Reece Fullwood.. hahahahaha


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