Friday, September 14, 2012

Ignite the Ibex – Ignite the Ibex (2010)

Ignite the Ibex
Album:  Ignite the Ibex
Genre:  Tech. Death Metal/Tech. Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Cold Ruin
2. Axiom
3. Exit the Immaculate
4. Absorbing Free Will
5. –
6. Carbon Lungs Dioxide Tears
7. Black Circle Pathways

Fuckin Australia man, my god.  ItI is a combination of Widow the Sea’s rapid-fire attack and raw evil/brutality, along with Vale of Pnath’s shredding and technicality.  Not the least bit noodly either, and plenty of elements all you tech. deathcore junkies will really get into (see 1:00 in the preview and 2:15 in track 5).  They’re also writing new stuff right now = me stoked.

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  1. "Compared to the greats, Meshuggah, Ion Dissonance and Devolved" Holy s*^&, sold!


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