Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Of Roofs, Genes And Stolen Meanings - One:Life To Learn (2012)

Of Roofs, Genes And Stolen Meanings
Album: One: Life To Learn
Genre: Mathcore/Metalcore
Location: Estonia

Track Listing:
1. Tempest
2. All Gravity
3. Slow Blade
4. A Journey
5. Cuntitled
6. The Customer
7. Chokeslam
8. Red Empty
9. First Class
10. Prose Before Jose
11. What The Ground Took
12. Life of Getting By 
13. Vogue

Wow! Mix a bit of Tony Danza, Dysphoria, and every influence in the book, from slam death metal to ambient hardcore, and you get this band. Really surprised me! Support these guys, because they have about 250 likes, and that needs to change! Powerful mathy death right here. 


  1. The vocals are stupid annoying, and even harder to ignore -- especially since the music is worth it.

  2. glad to see these guys made it here ! posted the album on It-leaked a couple of days ago . these guys are a powerhouse group here in Estonia , really nice guys too .

  3. can someone please tell me if Estonia has another bands like of roofs?

  4. Unfortunately, not really . Most of the scene is practically straight-up deathcore or hardcore . Another good band I'd recommend is Who Framed Roger Moore? .

  5. Thanks kittycatrape!


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