Friday, February 10, 2012

The Abandonment - Ephemeral

The Abandonment
Album: Ephemeral
Genre: Grindcore/Hardcore/Chaotic Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. The Wolf
2. Time Destroys All Things
3.Down River
4. Little Thousand
5. I Was Born Richard Alpert
6. Part I. Blissful Abandon
7. Part II. Holding Breath
8. Chalk Bones
9. Hikwsi
10. A Room Without Light

Preview "Time Destroys All Things
Intense album to say the least

For fans of :  Animosity, It Dies Today (Caitiff Choir era...don't judge me)


  1. Reminds me of early Between the Buried and Me, and The Red Chord.

  2. It dies today, wow that was like one of the first core bands I got into a long time ago!

  3. this is good stuff.. i miss the IDT era of music sometimes but hey such is life innit


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