Monday, June 25, 2012

Sleep Serapis Sleep - Pariah's Vow (2011)

Sleep Serapis Sleep
Album:  Pariah’s Vow
Genre:  Deathcore/Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. Pariah’s Vow
2. Lost in the Call
3. Cold Blooded
4. 80 Proof Ocean
5. Confinement
6. Valediction
7. The Solace of Uncertainty
8. Indulgence
9. No Rest for the Ruthless
10. Maleficium

Another one off my 2011 AOTY list.  “Pariah’s Vow” came in as the #10 full length, but you really couldn’t find too many albums better lyrically (other than Dahlia and Erra).  Make DAMN sure you sit down and read them.  The theme of this album, as you can see, is the Salem witch trials…and how many more badass concepts can you think of than that?  The conversation between the accused and the town minister that happens in “Maleficium” is just fucking insane.  Still love this album…phenomenal to scream your head off to.  Check it out.

"And as the flames grew, so too did the magistrate's scream
The village was lost in a shroud of silence, with nothing left but a conscience to set free.
Some say, an ember scorched the ropes that released her upon the town.
But all we know is 300 souls were fed to the storm of their Pariah's Vow”

PS:  RIP Sleep Serapis Sleep.  Sucks that they had to give us an album this good then break up :(


  1. Does anybody know where to get this on CD? I tried to buy it from the band, but never got it... :-/

    1. I have NO idea dude. Try messaging the band on Facebook and asking nicely...maybe they have some hard copies left?

    2. That's what I did. They told me that CDs were available together with shirts if I paid $4 extra, so I did that... got the shirt, but they didn't send the CD. :-/
      I was hoping that somebody knew something like CD Baby or whatever, maybe some independent store that carried their stuff. I got their first CD on eBay. ^^


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