Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pathogenic - Cyclopean Imagery (2011)

Album:  Cyclopean Imagery
Genre:  Progressive Metal/Deathcore/Djent

Track Listing:
1. Lucidity I
2. Lucidity II - The Aether
3. Rapid Eye Movement
4. Premonitions – Event
5. Lucidity III - Searching Dimensions
6. Serpents
7. Fish Frenzy
8. Sterile Earth
9. Godless
10. Industrevil (Hey Buddy)
11. Premonitions – Horizon
12. Lucidity IV - Cyclopean Imagery

Support:  Bandcamp

Probably the best progressive metal album to ever come out of Massachusetts (my home state), unless I’m mistaken.  Pathogenic even won the contest to open Summer Slaughter 2012 at the local venue.  Anyways, at a sprawling 1 hour long, Cyclopean Imagery wound up as the number 6 full-length on my 2011 AOTY list.  With the exception of one or two songs, this album just floored me…the lyrics, composition, concept, and diverse vibes throughout.  They spent three years working on their debut full length, and it shows.  Support them by purchasing the whole album or even just a couple songs…every little bit helps.  Look out for a new EP from these guys soon.


  1. Still one of my favorite albums. I know the drummer and guitarist, the whole thing is brilliant, I'm still super proud/jelly.

    1. Which guitarist? Justin?

    2. No, Chris. I only ever met Justin in passing. I don't talk to them much anymore, which is too bad. I used to get lit with Anthony and his GF at the time (she is/was a mutual friend). We don't talk as much now unfortunately.

  2. STFS = signed

    IKE = i don't know if they're signed or not, but they're BOOOOOORRRRRIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGG

  3. Its a post by Josh, you should never expect much from this kid.

  4. The vocals took some time for me to get used to, and I'm not a huge fan of cleans -at all-. But after spending so much time with this album they've grown on me. A post on their FB page mentioned a lack of cleans on the next release.

    They were looking for a new 'singer' for a while, and I would have auditioned, but they only wanted cleans to cover his parts.


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