Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Noostrak - Human Tragedies Every Day (2012)

Album:  Human Tragedies Every Day
Genre:  Progressive Deathcore/Death Metal/Blackened?

Track Listing:
1. Human Tragedies…
2. And the Abyss Stood Mute
3. The Bonds
4. Beyond the Throes of Sleep
5. A Foe of the Flesh
6. Unearthing the Warped Flames
7. Within the Felon Endearment
8. …Every Day

Don't suck.  This goes harddddd.  Pretty sure we're the first blog with this :)  Not 100% sure those tracks are numbered correctly, but whatever haha.


  1. what was this ripped from? Source?
    Converted with from what source?
    Should of ripped it at VBR
    probably just a webrip again since you don't know the numbered album tracks lol

    1. Clip Converter

    2. Oh, wait, I thought you were asking how it was converted

  2. it's just a youtube rip. should have been ripped at 128kbps though.
    youtube audio is not vbr/FLAC or some retail quality so it shouldn't be ripped at that bitrate.
    no matter what kind of music ripper software you use,
    you're still going to get what youtube streams off of.
    any youtube video gives info on it's audio so I don't know why he ripped it at 256k lol.

  3. I ripped it at 256 because you idiots keep telling me to rip the 720 quality and stop transcoding I did. Good try though.

  4. Dude, 720p is only at 152kbps.
    256kbits is for vbr/an itunes conversion of a retail quality but not anything from what youtube streams at. lol
    Only idiots will try rip at that 256 bitrate from a youtube video/audio ! xD
    Maybe get your guy JackRabbit to teach you how to do proper webrips !
    He's the only one who does proper rips according to the source !

  5. ^ probably josh himself giving himself props lol


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