Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Wanted Awakening – Catharsis (2012)

A Wanted Awakening
Album:  Catharsis
Genre:  Metalcore/Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Final Ascent: Exile
2. Misanthrope
3. Dehumanized
4. The Massacre to Come
5. Flameborn
6. Tempest
7. The Perseus Veil
8. Pilgrimage
9. Spiders
10. Final Ascent: Exodus

This does the opposite of suck.  After a couple listens I'm actually REALLY impressed by this.  Nice melody with some gnarly soloing thrown in there for good measure.   Plus, these guys are from right by me.  Lowell, MA…that’s the same town as Pathogenic.  Gotta love that local product!  Help them out by donating $10 for the whole album or just $1 per track :)


  1. This band is great. Enjoyed their last EP/Demo (can't remember what it technically was) but for some reason the production on this isn't the best. I mean it sounds clean and everything but it's just very low compared to what I normally hear.

    Thanks for the up though, these guys are great.

  2. I was gonna say "Patho kicks this band in the nuts" before even listening.

    I still think they do, but this is still 100 times better than I was expecting. I'm a MA resident myself, went to school in Lowell for a bit. Lowell, Massachusetts: City of Trash. My best friends live there though. Doesn't make the trash any less noticeable.

    1. That's what I was thinking too lol, but I know a band is fucking awesome if I don't really get into their album at first and slowly fall in love with it...which has definitely happened here

  3. it... blows
    nah, it's okay.


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