Saturday, May 19, 2012

Empire Andromeda - Chapters EP (2011)

Empire Andromeda
Album:  Chapters EP
Genre: Metalcore
Location: US

Track Listing:
1. Shangri-La
2. Thick
3. Freedom
4. Reveries
5. Apollyon
6. Chara


Preview: Shangri-La

Super chilled, with some good synth and breakdowns. Pretty good cleans, hit them up if you want something a bit different. 


  1. I dont really get why people hate cleans? Can someone who hates cleans explain me ? :)

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  3. i cant even really explain them....i guess a lot of cleans just have some sort of "emo"-vibe to em.
    also, imo they contradict a lot of the heavyness the actual music delivers.
    for some weird reason i enjoyed that "to each his own" stuff, actually liked the cleans.
    same for some killswitch-songs.
    maybe because he actually can sing...really cant tell, all i know is that 10 years ago i couldnt even imagine cleans in metal...well, power etc. aside.

  4. fyi i am ano above you ;)
    i didnt mean to come off as generalizing or ignorant or anything.
    i just cant rly find the words to describe it.
    maybe they just seem needless.
    i got introduced to metalCORE by pwd i guess.
    they get along without cleans for a decade or so and absolutely dont need them to improve.
    i was rly shocked when my pre-ordered copy of last unearth-release arrived and i had to witness cleans there.
    no need, no improvement, really just a step back rather than forward.
    feels the same with several bands atm.

  5. it is as if bands nowadays feel the need to add cleans to belong and satisfy the - current - definition (if there is such a thing) of metalcore.

    so many bands tend to implement some rather bad cleans instead of stickin to riffs, hooklines and shouting/grownling/whatever there is..

  6. I'm not here to comment about cleans but this is the 3rd metalcore album this year by the name of "Chapters". Adestria, Far West Battlefront, and now Empire Andromeda. No more Chapters guys.

    1. i like to think of metalcore as a book with many "chapters" :P

  7. I don't mind the cleans. This is a solid release. Thanks for the upload, I'm going to go look for these guys on some store which offers DRM-free downloads.


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