Thursday, February 28, 2013

What’s Left Of Her – Perceptions (2010)

What’s Left Of Her
Album:  Perceptions
Genre:  Progressive/Melodic/ Ambient Deathcore/Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. Prologue
2. Oceans
3. When I Was Human
4. In Extremis
5. A New Aesthetic
6. Timekeepers
7. Que Act Two
8. Needlework
9. Fireball Jungle
10. Sleeping With Ghosts

Even people who aren’t a fan of the genre should give this one a spin, trust me.  “Perceptions” is one of the better, most thoroughly-unique prog. deathcore releases you’ll ever get your grubby little paws on…I’ve never heard ANYTHING that sounds quite like this.  The “progressive” label is bandied about a lot lately (I know, I know…I’m guilty myself), but this release truly IS progressive.  Synth-laden, upbeat melodies permeate the atmosphere, but there are lots of the technical precision and crushing grooves you’ve come to expect from the prog deathcore genre.  And, while I’m sure a lot of you enjoy the fact that there’s no cleans, I’m not particularly enamored with – if ever there’s been a deathcore album that called for at least a sprinkling of cleans, this would be it.  This album has received rave reviews from all around the internets, including this 4.0/5 on Sputnikmusic and this 4/5 review on Thrashmag!  Unfortunately, this band is now defunct…in this form – they reformed as the incredible Save Us From The Archon (posted HERE)!

PS:  Sorry, all I could find was 192kbps – all links are dead, and there aren’t even any purchase links available!  But somebody posted the album on their Facebook for free here :)


  1. Well, Josh, look at you, writing nicely thought-out reviews to things :D. Makin' me proud, kiddo.

  2. fuck the sound quality is absolutely atrocious. If these guys had any production values it would probably be decent, but as is, its unbearable. In this day and age nothing should sound this bad.

  3. Also, a user who has posted a single review on sputnikmusic shouldn't really count for anything.

    1. A lot of people have actually rated the album on Sputnik, but he was the only that did a review. One of the guys that rated the album has 4179 other ratings...and he rated it a 4.5.

    2. And I actually didn't think the production was that bad! It just sounds really overdriven and mid-heavy to me, and the synths are really high in the mix.

      Everything is extremely clear and all the instruments sound crisp, as far as I can hear anyways.

  4. On one of the videos somebody commented that this band changed their name to Save Us From the Archon. Upon inspection I found this awesome ass collection of FREE music on bandcamp. Post this shit.

    1. I actually included that in my album of the year post last was posted on the old blog :)

  5. The production in the download link is MUCH better than the quality on the youtube previews.


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