Friday, June 15, 2012

Dionaea - Still (2011)

Album:  Still
Genre:  Progressive Rock/Post-Metal/ Avant-Garde

Track Listing:
1. Same Story
2. Carrier
3. Meraquo

Support:  Bandcamp

These three songs clock in at a grand total of 30 minutes, and every second of it is absolutely beautiful.  Completely different and creative stuff.  I’m not usually into avant-garde, but this definitely does it for me.  Hopefully it tickles your fancy as well :)
PS:  Stupid bitrate bitching incoming :D


  1. Josh, do us all a favor and stop being a uploader. You have a terrible taste in music and your reviews are not even close to good. Also your opinions go against the name of this page.

  2. Josh your musick choices is always sucks! Damn stop playing lies over i never like you post fuck u!

  3. We need the old uploaders back. Panda, slaughtered, vinny, all of those old guys. Once josh came here and started acting like he owned the site it got so gay.

    1. Because Slaughtered and Vinny were the coolest dudes ever. Josh was the only one posting and keeping the site alive for almost two months a while back. Keep doing what ur doin bro, this is great

  4. Josh thinks he's the shit

    Wait until i go to his house

  5. What the fuck are with these comments. Josh only posts the best shit out there. What the hell do you have against some unique metal? Even you must get tired of all bland deathcore all the time. Seriously.

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  7. A1 Dr Seussicide 1AJune 18, 2012 at 5:48 AM

    I have no objections to this... that is all.

  8. Nobody likes you Josh. Just go away.


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