Monday, March 5, 2012

Cardona - Seasons (2012)

Album:  Seasons
Genre:  Progressive Deathcore/Groove
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Track Listing:
1. Insight
2. Our Thoughts Manifest This World
3. Seasons (ft. Daniel Adel)
4. Ariadne
5. Providence
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Preview:  "Seasons (ft. Daniel Adel)"

For fans of:  Volumes, Aristeia, Coronado.  Crazy heavy, really groovy, beautiful-sounding melodies...not that it's wildly different from anything else out there, but they just do it SO WELL. If you digged the Coronado post from last month, you'll definitely get into this  Please, pick this up for just $5 (or just buy a single song for a buck, whatever), just support the scene...they deserve it guys <3 Duckcore was first.


  1. Can you please upload it to mediafire or rapidshare! I can't download it on mobile devices

  2. Holy shit dude. Best thing I've heard in awhile, thanks for the upload. So damn good.

  3. I knew you guys would love this shit. So good <3

  4. Cardona's EP is supposed to have seven songs, not six. :o

  5. this is good but the demo version of Our Thoughts Manifest was better... on this one they kinda murdered that gorgeous chorus at 2 mins. *sigh*

    I wonder why Concepts was left off?


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