Friday, February 22, 2013

Cognizance – Inquisition (2013)

Album:  Inquisition
Genre:  Technical Death Metal

Track Listing:
1. Clones of the Night Sky
2. The Perennial Struggle
3. Epistemology
4. Defying a Natural Process

Support:  CD Baby ($3)

Fucking PERFECTION.  Far and away my favorite EP this year…until Slice the Cake and Ovid’s come out, this is pretty firmly at the top of my list.  This UK twosome actually has studio appearances from such monstrous names as Alex Rudinger (studio drums, The Faceless, ex-Threat Signal, ex-The HAARP Machine, Ordinance, Fleshwrought), Scott Corstairs (Fallujah), Reece Fullwood (Eumeria), Sacha Laskow (Walk As Chaos).  Just unbelievably good metal.  BUY IT ON CD BABY.

Oh, and they'll be releasing a track featuring Aaron Matts from Betraying the Martyrs soon!

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