Friday, May 4, 2012

Your Pain Is Endearing - The Turning of Tides (2012)

Your Pain is Endearing
Album:  The Turning of Tides
Genre:  Deathcore/Death Metal
Location:  Boston, MA (represent!)

Track Listing
1. Survivor
2. Your Body Is My Canvas
3. Lessons in Misanthropy
4. Visions
5. The Turning Of Tides

Support:  Bandcamp ($5)

These guys are local for me, and I couldn’t be more impressed.  Oodles of brutality with some Bozeman-esque growls, there's also plenty of death metal elements (blast beats and frenetic pacing to name a few) sprinkled in there to keep you interested.  If you’re into bands like Boris the Blade & a less chuggy Whitechapel, you better give this album a spin or two or ten.  And iIf you like what you hear, give them some of your money.  Swing by eastern Mass every once in a while – they play gigs with Conforza, The Summoned, Behold Oblivion, Pathogenic, and Mummified in Circuitry!


  1. really diggin this bro, nice!

  2. Really, really great EP. Bought both this and the earlier EP. <3

  3. their name is deceptively retarded.


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