Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I Chaos - The Human Repellent (2011)

 I Chaos
Album:  The Human Repellent
Genre:  Technical Death Metal/Deathcore elements?

Track Listing:
1. Scattered Remnant
2. The Admonishment
3. Down Comes The Framework
4. Revulsive Butchery
5. Sons Of Slaves
6. Imprisonment
7. Chaos Revolts
8. Degeneration Sublime
9. Sworn To Repel
10. Mass For The Blind

Review:  The NewReview

One of my favorite completely unknown tech death bands, I Chaos is “as pure a slab of death metal as you’ll find” (to quote thenewreview).  A perfect balance of speed, groove, and brutality, almost like a heavier version of Diskreet.  The bassist is a madman, the drummer probably has a third leg hidden somewhere, and the guitarist just oozes gnarly riffage from every pore.  If you’ve ever been into tech death with some deathcore elements – there ARE actually some breakdownish parts – I Chaos is your jam.  Still boggles my mind that these guys aren’t way bigger.

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  1. heavy and chaotic... thanks for upload its great:)


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