Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Weekend Nachos - Worthless (2011)

Weekend Nachos
Album: Worthless
Genre: Hardcore/Powerviolence
Location: Illinois

Track Listing:
1. Hometown Hero
2. Obituary
3. Black Earth
4. For Life
5. Old Friends Don't Mean Shit
6. Frostbitten
7. The Meaning
8. Worthless
9. Friendship
10. Jock Powerviolence
11. The Fine Art of Bullshit
12. Dubviolence
13. You Could Exist Tomorrow
14. Future

Download (VBR)

Preview: YouTube

Most of you probably won't like this, but for those who like their hardcore with a little grind/sludge influence, these guys are perfect for you. Very aggro.


  1. why does this suck so bad? This is very horrible and hurt my ears so much that i had to exit the preview video. Disapointed in such poop bein on duckcore, but i guess we all cant like same stuff. Even though im unsure how anyone can like this?

  2. if you don't like, get the fuck over it. this kicks ass.

  3. this is complete and utter shit, who the fuck is this jesse faggot, theres only a couple good uploaders here. teamsteve uploads complete shit like this, only good uploaders are josh, xeno, unna, and lala. Seriously, with shitty reviews by some faggot, and shitty sludge getting posted, i kinda think that duckcore's dying hard. This diversity will be the end of it. You have lost another fan who has visited for years.

    1. You don't like what a couple of us post, so rather than just ignore some of the uploaders, you're leaving the site altogether?

      Well, when you put it that way, it sounds kind of retarded.

    2. Brilliant!

    3. and seriously u shouldn't be here and try to say that u are godblessed music mentor... u just one of those kiddos...


    2 all u anons

  5. lol @ all the butthurt core fags. you kids will one day appreciate music that doesn't have breakdowns. but for now, fuck off and go jam the new for today album if this isn't for you. fags

  6. This is Poo Poo .... poo poo in liquid form, so damn bad

  7. Put some diversity in your library, fuckbags. Weekend Nachos is heavy, and grind as fuck.

  8. Favorite band, favorite album. Modern Age Powerviolence; if you don't like it, then ignore it.

    1. No way...this comment makes WAYYYYYYYY too much sense for people to listen to it!

  9. this reviewer sux! doesnt know shit about wn or its roots. go stick to your shit br00t4l breakdown deathcore shit.. you know nothing about hardcore stay out of it!

  10. these comments make me hate humans, but back on topic, weekend nachos rules

  11. I can review this album in one word: SHIT


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