Sunday, May 6, 2012

Valnad - Pre Production (2012)

Artist: Valnad
Album: Pre Production
Genre: Melodic Death Metal / Slam
Location: New York

Track List:

1. It Rises

Ok so this is my up and coming band. Its a kinda shitty recording but its the best we could do. I mean I hung the vocal mic from the ceiling using coat hangers lol. It was just me on vocals and my guitarist, no bass tracks yet or real drums. Im expecting a lot of hate but if you guys could see past the bad production, please like our page. New songs will be better quality I promise. This song is clearly just so we get our sound out there and hear what we sound like recorded.


  1. Funny, because my band did the same thing when we recorded vocals. And we used some toilet paper as a sound condenser. Ghetto, But it got the job done. haha

  2. i just have to say.

    the deep vox sound like piccolo from dbz trying to scream.

    therefore, awesome

  3. Binghamton... the fuck are the odds of that.


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