Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Regain the Legacy - Collapse of Ideals (2011)

Regain the Legacy
Album:  Collapse of Ideals
Genre:  Melodic Death Metal/Metalcore

Track Listing:
1. The Beginning of Whole Mess
2. Total Decimate
3. Perfect Enemy
4. Everything’s Eventual
5. Through the Prism of Oblivion
6. Feed My Spite
7. Beast that Never Sleeps
8. To the Lightless
9. The Sonata to Immortals
10. Dislocation
11. Lost Breath of Dreamcatcher
12. Rememories
13. The End of Whole Mess

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Preview 2:  “Perfect Enemy"

This album is just flat-out amazing.  One of my favorites from 2011, “Collapse of Ideals” epitomizes Russian melodic death metal at its finest.  I've heard them described as sort of a mix of The Black Dahlia Murder and Amon Amarth.  Anyways, not only is this album catchier than Swine Flu, it’s also phenomenally well-written – the instrumental interludes actually feel like they belong, imagine that.  If you’re one of the people who didn’t check this record out last year, don’t be a doofus.  Pick it up this time around, and support them if you can.  Can’t wait to hear more :)

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