Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Empires Fall - New Songs (2012)

Empires Fall
Album:  The Tyrant’s Genocide
Genre:  Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Dreaming of Eradication
2. Elizabeth
3. The Eternal Sea

Preview:  “Elizabeth”

Daaaayyyyuuuuummmmmm.  Not often that I dig straight-up deathcore bands this much, but this stuff incorporates death metal elements in all the right places…can’t wait to hear their full-length, coming soon.  Give them a listen and a like on facebook guys, I’m expecting big things from this band.


  1. 320's? they're only streaming those tracks at their band pages but not in 320kbps! lol
    128kbps at best! It's ripped too high of a bitrate! lol

    1. I took a 320kbps quality rip from Youtube. If they didn't post the tracks to youtube in 320, don't hate on me...hate the person who originally posted it to youtube lol

  2. Most streams (fb, soundcloud, ms, and even youtube) are usually at 96kbps to 126kbps. youtube & soundcloud usually are set at HQ35 and streams back at closer to 96kbps...It's not in retail quality or even a 320.
    If I rip it at 192 or 256k's then I'm getting it too high of a bitrate.
    When someone uploads a 320k to Youtube, you don't get the same bitrate back when you rip it.
    The quality is compromised when it was uploaded.
    Duckcore is a good source for music but the same should be applied to making the audio rips accurate so it adds to the credibility of the site!.

    1. And it saves space on ppl's iPods when it's at their proper quality rates. Using a spectral analyser helps a lot in knowing your bitrates.

  3. Well learn how to use a spectral because it will show you the accurate bitrate..period!
    That's how you determine what a bi-trate is set at and know if it's just a transcode!
    You cannot bypass the analysed mp3/m4a or any other audio file on a spectral analyser.
    then you will see what I am talking about....that's probably why you don't buy what I am saying is because you're not educating yourself with how a bitrates actually work.
    Just because it's at a HQ on youtube, when you rip's NOt going to be that same may sound like it but if you're not using a spectral to back it

  4. if you use itunes for an example, it has it's own spectral analyzer, or spectral analyzer, in it.
    It's not hard to find or use one at all! lol
    a 128kbps (Those Empire falls tracks fall into this)

    a 320kbps looks like this..big difference on the quality!!

    1. How does that work? Is it the frequency where the spectrum gets cut off that tells you what the bitrate is? I tried downloading Audacity and noticed that the Empires Fall file got halved at 11kHz and cut off at ~20kHz, while the Blinded in Bliss song went steadily down from 0-22kHz and then got cut off there...what's the difference? :\

    2. Well that frequency analysis chart in the spectral analyzer, if it constantly drops in the 17605 - 22050 Hz zone, as it's playing, it's a good quality rate. 300-320kbps.
      if it's less than that the quality of course it less.

  5. If you look the rips on reign of locusts blog for example, you'll see the single/songs posts are at 128kbps. Pretty much on par with the frequency.

  6. MYYYYYYY DAMNATIO- oh nevermind wrong song

  7. MYYYYYYY DAMNATIO- oh nevermind wrong song

  8. its free music, why complain about free music? if youre that much of an elitist about the bitrate, you need to pull your head outta your ass.

  9. lol
    Everyone knows it's free music asshole!
    Explaining how bitrates are related to frequencies is nowhere close to being elitist! XD
    It's funny how education is often confused with being elitism.
    Knowing about audio info on a music not a bad thing at all!

  10. if youre so emphatic on having the highest bitrate, wait til the cd comes out and rip it yourself, dont bitch to someone whos giving you music ahead of its release. who cares about the quality of the rip, worry about the quality of music.

  11. lol
    My, what an awfully mixed up mind you have xD
    Your disputing a lot of ridiculous nonsense :)
    It's pretty funny on how someone can argue something like info on music audio files! xD
    The points of discussion kinda flew over you like a 747!
    It's very common for music blogs to post the accurate makes the sight more knowledgeable on their audio posts regardless if it's free, webrips, CBR, VBR, or CD rips! :D

  12. "who cares about the quality of the rip, worry about the quality of music"
    the quality of the rip AND quality of the music go hand-in-hand moron lolol.

  13. this is some quality shit.

    1. What? The stuff in your dirty shorts? XD


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