Thursday, March 1, 2012

Slice the Cake - The Man With No Face (2012)

 Slice the Cake
Album:  The Man With No Face
Genre:  Progressive/Technical Death Metal/Deathcore/Bakery Metal
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Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Rational Thinking, Logical Future
3. City of Ghosts
4. Time Unwinding
5. Of Gallows
6. As Written in Pnakotus
7. Promethean
8. Equilibrium
9. The Chasm
10. The Man With No Face

Download (320kbps) (FIXED)
Support:  Bandcamp
Preview:  "Time Unwinding"

a;lkdsjf;lkj This band is SO GOOD.  The best thing?  The preview song isn't even close to the best on the album.  Clocking in at 65 minutes, this monster of an album could easily be the best full-length released so far this year.  On their latest undertaking, they've matured from the mostly deathcore sound of "Cleansed" and now incorporate an entire spectrum of elements of deathcore, atmosphere, melody, groove, progressive and technical death metal, and just general fucking heaviness.  According to the band, "The album explores technical death metal savagery, an increased focus on orchestral composition, and bold new ambience-laden realms of metal, with a more experimental approach to vocals and powerful philosophical lyrics that weave an epic tale about a spiritual quest to transcend dualism in a world of black and white morality." If you love this album (like I know you all will), PLEASE in the name of all that is baked, BUY IT.  If you can't afford to buy the whole thing, purchase a couple tracks.  If you can't afford a couple tracks, find somebody who can.  Now...dig in, and LET THERE BE CAKE!  First place with this one :)


  1. Screw you dude, you always beat me to posts. It came out 30 minutes ago ffs!

  2. missing track 7 Promethean

  3. Promethean is free on bandcamp now.

  4. YESSS!!! Been waiting for this one.

  5. saw this and shit myself
    JUST dipped out those 11$ and now gonna celebrate with giving every other tenant a free preview and some bud,
    thanks for everything man cheers!!!

  6. Didn't think it was amazing but its good.

  7. WILL buy! soon... VERY soon!
    best thing: they're 3 guys across the whole world o.O


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