Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sonne Adam - Transformation (2011)

Artist: Sonne Adam
Album: Transformation
Genre:Blackened Death Metal
Location: Israel

Track List:

1. We Who Worship The Black
2. I Sing His Words
3. Sonne Adam
4. Solitude In Death
5. Take Me Back To Where I Belong
6. Shine
7. I Claim My Birth In Blood
8. Transformation
9. Apocalypse

Ya so Ill be back full time as an uploader the 20th of this month. SO, to start of Im gonna help duckcore catch up with what was lost and add some more genres here that aren't typically posted. Dont freak out on me, Ill still post some of my favorite deathcore bands on here but Ill be posting a lot more death, black and thrash metal bands. Anyway, check these guys out and throw them a like on facebook. Some sludgy, evil sounding shit with unique guitar work.

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