Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Anamnesis - Prometheus (2012)

Album:  Prometheus
Genre:  Technical Deathcore/Metalcore
Location:  Russia!

Track Listing:
1. Hey the Hell
2. I Wake Up Every Day
3. Welcome to My Home

If you like Russian core, check this.  Sounds a lot heavier than their last full length, and not really like the 2009 promo either, which is interesting.  (I'll be posting that promo at some point, and it sounds almost entirely different (no cleans), so watch out for that.)  Anyways, completely new direction for them!  Check it out guys...first place with this :)

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  1. great to see you replaced the friggin 128kbps link, but the link is already dead. any chance you can reupload in 320 please!?


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