Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Awaiting the Apocalypse - At War With The Dead (2011)

Awaiting the Apocalypse
Album:  At War With The Dead
Genre:  Deathcore
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Track Listing:
1. A-T.A.P.
2. Falling Down (D.M.F.)
3. J-Town Kool-Aid
4. They Rise
5. I Will Beat You To Death To Prove My Love To You
6. Therapist
7. The Battle At Yonkers
8. Below The Influence
9. The Battle Of Hope
10. M.H.A.L.D.

Download (VBR v0)
Support:  iTunes ($9.90) / Bandcamp ($5.50)
Preview: "Therapist" / "J-Towk Kool Aid"

Another rediscovered favorite of mine!  Ignore the dumb song names and here you have one HELL of a deathcore album.  Definitely not your typical deathcore either...has sort of a Danza-esque feel to it at times.  Very bassy-sounding production with some massive drops thrown in, but very un-chuggy.  I love this kind of stuff.  Anyways, if you're on Duckcore and this isn't in your library by the end of the preview songs, GTFO.  Support them!


  1. (VBR v1) ??
    it's actually VBR
    the tracks range from (276-298k)
    V1 is 190k-250k with a target kbps of 225k

  2. Whoops, I think I meant to write VBR v0 x.x

  3. Josh if you like danza and angry mindfuck, check out car bomb. Their album "Centralia" is amazing

  4. I hope new stuff comes out from these guys


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