Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Review: Alterbeast - Immortal (2014)

 Artist: Alterbeast
Album: Immortal
Genre: Technical Death Metal


1.     Flesh Bound Text
2.     Of Decimus Divine
3.     Vile Remnants
4.     Ancient’s Retribution
5.     Mutilated Marvel
6.     Into Oblivion
7.     Serpentspire
8.     Throne of Maggots


Alterbeast recently released their debut full-length album Immortal. This technical death metal act managed to stay under my radar until somewhat recently. However, after hearing their single “Flesh Bound Text” the album became highly anticipated for me. A somewhat dramatic and theatrical opening will guide the listener from the first song, “Flesh Bound Text”, into an on going sonic assault. Personally, I found this album comparable to past releases from bands such as Beneath the Massacre and Rings of Saturn in terms of technicality. However, this album takes “tech-death” into another realm by combining extremely catchy riffs, old school death-metal sounding solos, and brutal harmonizing in a unique way. It’s always great to hear bands that enjoy going beyond what is originally prescribed by their genre, “tech-death” here, and incorporate solid transitions that may be less technical for the sake of helping a song flow. To me this demonstrates another level of song writing that is commonly over looked in many technical acts. Needless to say, I’m really glad to have another amazing North American release this year and hopefully it results in being able to see them live in the near future. Go out and support these guys!


(Does 10/10 exist?)

written by Vinny Medina

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