Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review: Wings Denied - Mirrors For A Prince (2014)

Artist: Wings Denied
Album: Mirrors For A Prince
Genre: Progressive Metal

1. Generation Y
2. The Machinist
3. In Search Of Sunrise
4. Maiden (feat. Michael Rumple of Lorelei)
5. Sings
6. Néant (feat. Joe Lester of Intronaut)
7. Clockwork
8. The End Of History
9. Courtesan
10. Six Years And A Day (feat. Nick Llerandi of Ever Forthright and Dave Cohen)

This record has been crafted perfectly and with no compromise on effort in any sense; the songwriting is fresh, and remarkably fluid for a progressive metal band, production is fantastic, and the well rounded guitar tone certainly fits the playing style excellently.
    It's unfortunately not so uncommon these days to find progressive metal take conscious steps away from genuine songwriting in the pursuit of technicality , making sacrifices to listenability in favour of impressive playing. Wings Denied have done a fantastic job at avoiding this with Mirrors for a Prince, also the cheesiness associated with clean choruses in extreme metal seems absent here. The result of obviously talented writers putting effort into writing instead of playing has paid off impressively on this record. This isn't to say the instruments on the album are lazy, in fact it's quite the opposite. The music is soaked in fast guitar and bass licks, however often you have to be paying close attention to determine that there is actually lots going on, likely because the fluidity of the pieces makes the actual elements of them subliminal and easily digestible.

    There is no compromise on catchiness here, either. Whether it's a tasty guitar hook or well-written clean vocal verses, there's always something happening that is captivating. This construction of a technically advanced yet listenable sound makes this an accessable record to many audiences. MfaP certainly isn't even close to my usual spin, but I found myself enjoying this record much more than I thought i would have.

    Reccommended for fans of Tesseract, Intervals, Periphery.

    Favourite song - Sings

Songwriting - 8/10
Musicianship - 9/10
Production - 7/10

written by Travis Bryant

 Personal (Interruptio) opinion:

One of the most interesting bands out there. The composing is absolutely phenomenal, but the thing that hooked me more than any other records of the year are the absolutely amazing vocals!



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