Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Miroist - Curve (2014)

Artist: Miroist
Album: Curve
Genre: Djent/Progressive/Instrumentral/Ambient

1. Hope For A Long Free Mean Path
2. Lumen Suum Reiecta
3. 29%
4. It Seemed So Distant
5. The Closing Of Your Eye
6. Are We Leaden Yet
7. And Symmetry Has Finally Broken Us
8. There Is Still Time
9. An Arcsecond Among Pioneer's
10. ... It Always Was

Download: Bandcamp(NYP)
Support: Bandcamp

This is a really really good instrumental piece. So many feels, great guitar, killer ambient feels, everything about this is awesome. It's free on bandcamp, but it's worth so much more, I highly recommend this if your into the prog/djent scene.


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