Saturday, April 12, 2014

The Feather Of Ma'at - The Feather Of Ma'at (2014)

Artist: The Feather Of Ma'at
Album: The Feather Of Ma'at
Genre: Arabic/Djent/Progressive/Instrumental

1. Ma'at
2. Lunaria Solaris
3. Gorlath of the Hammadas
4. Luxor
5. Theme of the Lost Sun
6. Ma'at pt.2
7. The Rainbow Orb
8. The Halo Gem
9. The Philosopher Stone
10. S-Pheroza
11. Supra Space

Support: Bandcamp($9.72)

So this little gem is awesome. Killer Arabic, tones, great feels, just all around put together very well. This is a one man band from germany with only 27 likes on Facebook. I know it's kind of expensive, but it's worth every penny. Give it a like on Facebook, download it, and enjoy. 

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