Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Duckcore Compilation - Volume II



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1.Dead For Denver - The Collective (New and exclusive Song for the Compilation)
2.Dissonance In Design - Absolution (New Song)
3.Shades Of Black - Two-Face (New Song)
4.Sunquake - Start From Scratch (Ft. Matteo from Novelists)
5.Still Falling - A Thousand Waves
6.Akeldama - A Seed Of Hope
7.Black Crown Initiate - Ghost She Sends
8.The Raven Autarchy - Kaonashi (New Song)
9.I Am Atlas - Confrontations
10.Aeolist - I
11.Abolish The Echelon - Flesh Masquerade
12.Sky Written - Athanasia
13.Stand Alone Complex - Equivalent Exchange
14.Kardashev - The Chiliagon
15.Neberu - Decompressed
16.Into Infernus - Eden´s Lustful Tale
17.I Built The Sky - Intorus
18.Level The City - Reverie
19.Borderlands - Designed Lines
20.Signals From Saturn - Awaiting Refuge
21.Euclidean - Alpha & Omega
22.Iconoclast - Seditionist
23.Coronado - Axis
24.Writhen - Mask Of Annihilation
25.Ellipsis - Ancestral
26.Salute The Exiled - Continuos Regurgitation (ft. Jamie Hanks from I Declare War)
27.Abiogene - Extacting
28.Sarkophagus - Chapter III Part I
29.Swallow Your Pride - Far From Home
30.Adam´s Vessel - Inceptum
31.Wings Denied - Generation Y
32.Adjentist - Reach For The Sky
33.The World To Come - Construct Of Being
34.Anakronis - Thought Adjuster
35.Lament - Oxidizer
36.Asterion - Denied Damnation
37.The Despot - Extrasensory (ft. Dan Watson)
38.Blood And Thunder - Villain
39.Seker - Transcendence
40.Cardinal State - Arianna
41.Secrets Of A Psychopath - The Wandering
42.Covenants - Amnesia
43.Confines - Decimator
44.Creat Rapid Massacre - Stalin 21
45.Sacred To Alpollo - Eh, Whatever
46.Echoes Of Creation - Satellites
47.Rogue Empire - Ghost
48.Reveal The Revenants - Shapeshifter
49.Fragments Of The Orient - Machinate Conscious
50.Project Ruin - Snow Pony
51.Patrons Of The Rotting Gate - A Perfect Suicide
52.Colonist - Ice Cream Slammiches
53.Infernal Murder - I Am The Apocalypse
54.Into Oblivion - The Devil Knows My Name New Master
55.Djanks & Djrewves - Thanky Djall
56.Jambalaya Window And The Midwest Lover - Ingrained
57.Sithu Aye - 26  

Have fun!

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