Friday, October 4, 2013

As Oceans – The Relics Of Axiom (2013)

As Oceans
Album:  the relics of axiom
Genre:  progressive deathcore/prog metal/groove

Track Listing:
1. Life Is Suffering
2. Anima Mundi
3. Filth By The Wicked
4. Suffering Is Attachment
5. Temples
6. Artificial Genesis
7. Finding Closure
8. Solemn Take
9. Unrequited
10. Architects Of Scorn
11. Cessation Of Suffering
12. Arbutus Roots

Download (320kbps)
Support:  iTunes ($9.99)

I was blasting this album in the car on the way home from work, and god damn if it didn’t have me banging my head like a maniac.  Extremely well-execute bouncy/groovy riffs, gallops, ambient sections, and a lot of other elements that a lot of other bands might not have necessarily thought to put together, but As Oceans makes it work really well.  Plus, the vocalist is black, and as we all know, black dudes make some brutal tunes.


  1. Enough Light to Warrant the Contrast was epic, hopefully this is as well

  2. to mention the fact that he's black was really unnecessary. it's quite obvious that josh has a color thing with bands. so what if he's black, it's quite common these days. the point is a moot one at best. besides that album is not the real actual finished product. if you had read this on the band's FB:
    "As some of you may have seen, our 2nd album "The Relics of Axiom" has already been released onto iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and many other sites. This current release is PREMATURE and DOES NOT represent the final work of As Oceans and what we have put into this 2nd album. We were not made aware of this release when it happened and we had no say or input into the early release as well as none of the gains of the release"

  3. Its pretty clear that he was just joking due to the fact that there aren't that many black guys in metal? I can count on two hands the number of them I know of. Does it matter that he's black and should he have not said that? Probably not, as I can see why you'd think its in poor taste, but how does it make him a racist lol

  4. LOL. It's sad but true. Everyone just has to get butthurt over something. And nobody ever seems to read Rule 1. Don't piss and moan.


Rule number 1: Don't piss and moan.