Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Swallow Your Pride – Diversity (2013)

Swallow Your Pride
Album:  Diversity
Genre:  Prog. Deathcore/Djent/Groove

Track Listing:
1. η Carinae
2. Far From Home
3. Sleepless
4. World Collapse
5. Diversity
6. Mirrors
7. Illusion

Download (320kbps)
Support:  Bandcamp ($6.75)

A little bounce never hurt anybody.  I don’t know why I still call djethcore “progressive”…for lack of a better word, I guess, but anyways.  If you like downtuned, punch the ground deathcore with vocals that span from Aegaeon-ish lows to searing highs with some hardcore vox mixed in there, this band is for you.  Also FFO:  Aristeia (minus the space), Altered Perceptions, Megalodon.

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