Thursday, September 12, 2013

Still Falling – The Three Suns (2013)

Still Falling
Album:  The Three Suns
Genre:  Progressive Death Metal/Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Intro
2. Myrrh Of Identity
3. The Red Giant
4. A Thousand Waves
5. Etheric Traction

Stream Below (No Download Available)

This EP is fucking UNREAL.  Still Falling is a DEFINITE hidden gem you guys usually come to DuckCore to find.  They sound like I Am Atlas + Fallujah + Black Crown Initiate – just a well-blended mixture of progressive death metal, melodic elements (about 5:23 into the video, oh mannn), oodles of atmosphere, and punch-the-ground grooves to get your head banging.  I love this, and NEEEEEEEEEED it on my mp3 player!  If you’re in Still Falling and you see this, put up digitals for purchase please :O  Plus, THAT FUCKING ART.


  1. Creamed in my shorts a couple times while making a red baron deep dish single tbh

  2. Ill just leave this here

  3. Fixed the bad

  4. i love you for taking the time to rip this into its individual tracks :O

  5. Hi, this is Spiros from SF, we're making a Bandcamp page that'll include digital downloads.
    Check back here for updates, thanks!


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