Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Xehanort – Awaken In A Different Dimension (2013)

Album:  Awaken In A Different Dimension
Genre:  Progressive/Symphonic/Atmospheric Deathcore

Track Listing:
1. Entry I:  The Unknown
2. Entry II:  Colossus
3. Entry III:  Wyvern
4. Entry IV:  Atronachs
5. Entry V:  Cerberus
6. Entry VI:  Susano’o
7. Entry VIII:  Heartless
8. Entry IX:  Nazgul
9. Entry X:  Baphomet
10. Entry XI:  Reprieve
11. Entry XII:  Discovery

Support:  Bandcamp (NYP)

Fuck I was so ready for this album.  Basically take all the intensely atmospheric, groovy elements of the great progressive deathcore bands you like (Make Them Suffer, Aristeia, Oscillator, The Contortionist, etc.), add an absolute monster behind the microphone, and blend it with all the right kinds of heavy. 


  1. Shinigami isn't on this album dude

    fucking awesome nonetheless, crazy heavy

  2. Am I the only one that noticed that VII is missing?

  3. Its cool because this dude used to be in Oscillator


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