Monday, June 4, 2012

The Broken Result - Recursive (2010)

 The Broken Result
Album: Recursive
Genre: Technical/Melodic Death Metal
Location: South Africa

Track Listing:
1. One Final March (Intro)
2. Aborted Soul
3. Mending The Dead Army Part 1
4. Mending The Dead Army Part 2
5. Fallen Angel
6. What Lurks Below
7. Born Of Obscurity
8. A Night Of Honest Lies
9. Repercussions Of Thy Diminished Self
10. Massacre Of The 9th Hell

Download (320)
Preview: "What Lurks Below"


  1. Its sad knowing this band broke up, the vocalist of this band is now playing guitar for a band called Megalodon.

  2. Xeno wasn't kidding, this fucking rips dude. Great find!!! New favorite uploader hahaha - Josh :P


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