Monday, June 4, 2012

Kosmophobia - Self Titled EP (2010)

Artist: Kosmophobia
 Album: Self Titled EP
Genre: Space / Death Metal
Location: Switzerland

Track List:

1. Aeons Conspiracy
2. Universe at Dusk
3. Etemenanki
4. Vimana
5. Eye of the Twins

Now this is how I like my spacey metal. I really didnt mind ROS first album, but from what Ive heard from the new stuff they release, idk if I like it. I need a little more of that space/alien sound. This band delivers that need, they use the synth in an amazing ambient, weird, out of this world sound in a brilliant way. This is some good shit, definitely one of my favorite "Space Metal" bands.  


  1. How is that band of yours doing steve? isn't it called "we 69 dicks in space"

    rofl space metal

  2. ROS' new vocalist is REALLY generic. The previous one from Oscillator was so much better, they would have gone to another level of epicness if he had stayed.


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