Saturday, June 30, 2012

I Built The Cross - Banish The Disconnect EP (2012)

I Built The Cross
Album: Banish The Disconnect
Genre: Technical Deathcore
Location: Reno, NV

Track Listing:
1. Author
2. Banish the Disconnect
3. Human Predicament Part 1: Godless Cosmos
4. Human Predicament Part 2: Foundations
5. Imposter Christ

Download (320)
Support: Bigcartel / iTunes
Preview: "Banish the Disconnect"

  No one else had a 320, so i bought it :)


  1. I Built The Cross: Making Christian Deathcore sound evil since 2008.

  2. It-Leaked posted this yesterday afternoon in a legit 320kbps

  3. This isn't 320. It's 256 kbps AAC. Might want to change that, so we don't expect 320, lol.

    1. They're terrible at knowing their audio on this site. It's comical.
      He posts 'download(320) lol
      Meanwhile the files are actually m4a's with a bitrates of 265 to 272kbps.
      Accurate audio information is NOT their thing on here.
      Their bogus 320 webrips are perfect examples of their lack of knowledge of music.

    2. Lol you're silly. you should spend less time being a bitrate whore and more time listening to the actual music. the average human ear cant even hear 320kbps... i bought the CD so its good quality. If its that much of a problem, get yr music somehwere else :)

  4. I do get my music somewhere else and certainly not from a third rate blog lol

    maybe try labeling your shit properly for those who want music files, Folks like Dyslexic panda and others that are looking for accurate posts and not some shabby half-ass post.

    it has nothing to do with being a bitrate whore lol
    but it has a lot with downloading music posts that have the correct information on the files lol

    you can't distinguish a m4a file to a mp3 320kbit file ?
    Lol now who's the silly one now Lol
    it probably wasn't even bought but stolen off another blog! xD

    1. my oh my, the worlds going to end! if you dont want free music that other people have bought then dont download it. Seriously how can you complain when its free...?

  5. lol
    I get my music on What.CD
    where ppl know their audio :)
    not this amateur rag of a blog :))

  6. This bands Facebook description makes me sick


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