Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Maranatha - Incarnate (2012)

Artist: Maranatha
Album: Incarnate
Genre: Blackened Hardcore/Crust/Sludge
Location: USA

Track List:

1. Hell
2. Man-God
3. In Vain Do They Worship
4. Ascend/Descend
5. God Out Of The Machine
6. Vade Retro Satana
7. Incarnate

Preview: Incarnate
(Thats my kind of breakdown xD)

Ok I mean this is seriously legit one man band. I really love this album sooooo much, it just owns all hardcore. This guy can make some really catchy music for sure and I think no matter what kind of music you like you should give this a listen. I havent enjoyed a breakdown for a while until I heard this album. This is just really bad ass music. Its gotta be a most for any fan of metal or hardcore. Please support him, I wanna hear more for him.....oh and that previews breakdown, oh muh god!!!!


  1. Where was the breakdown? I didn't hear any.

  2. Replies
    1. I honestly did not hear a breakdown, hardcore style or otherwise.

    2. well its clearly there. Idk what your missing

  3. This dude used to be in Symphony In Peril, which was an awesome band that released two solid albums before they broke up.

  4. this band is shit


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